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The Projects feature in the Rhino Health User Guide forms the central organizational unit within the Federated Computing Platform (FCP), securely facilitating collaborative data analysis and research initiatives. With critical components such as Datasets, Code, Code Results, Collaborators, and Data Schemas, Projects enable streamlined management and execution of tasks, empowering users to glean insights and develop AI models across multiple collaborating sites.

Data Schemas

Optimize data organization and interoperability with Data Schemas. Establish consistent data structures within the platform, promoting standardized data representation and facilitating efficient analysis and model development.


Effortlessly manage Datasets within the Rhino Health FCP. Organize and curate datasets, facilitating seamless collaboration and data sharing among researchers and institutions across the healthcare ecosystem.


The Code category in the Rhino Health User Guide offers a diverse range of powerful capabilities to support various AI projects on the Federated Computing Platform (FCP). Users can choose from Python Code, Auto-Containers, Generalized Compute, and NVFlare. These options allow for simple data transformation and preparation tasks using Python code, effortless creation of working models with Auto-Containers, flexible execution of arbitrary code on remote Datasets through Generalized Compute, and efficient federated training with the open-source NVIDIA FLARE framework.

Code Runs

The Code Runs feature, available in the Rhino Health User Guide, provides a comprehensive view of the outputs generated from your Code runs. This includes essential information such as the Code run status (Running, Complete: Success, Complete: Error), run time, and input and output Dataset names. By clicking on a specific model run object, users can access any output logs or user-generated reports, empowering them to gain valuable insights and track the progress of their computational units efficiently. Please refer to the SDK documentation for detailed instructions for generating and pushing reports to the platform.


Foster collaboration and knowledge exchange within the Rhino Health FCP by adding Collaborators to your projects. Empower researchers, developers, and industry experts to work together in a secure and integrated environment.

Secure Access

Secure Access enables users to grant temporary access to their Datasets (or specific sub-sections of a Dataset) for users from remote workgroups. Granting Secure Access to remote users will enable them to view the tabular and image data using a zero-footprint viewer (meaning no patient-level data is ever persisted in the cloud).

Rhino SDK

Easily integrate the Rhino Health Federated Computing Platform (FCP) into your workflows with our user-friendly Python SDK. Seamlessly access and interact with the platform's features, enabling efficient data analysis, AI model development, and deployment.

Federated Datasets

Rhino Health's Federated Datasets feature enables secure and efficient sharing of patient data across multiple healthcare locations, facilitating collaborative care and informed decision-making for healthcare professionals.